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Unleash the Force of the 40V Cordless Battery-Operated Leaf Blower

Unleash the Force of the 40V Cordless Battery-Operated Leaf Blower

Introducing the Hyundai 40V Cordless Leaf Blower: 

Are you tired of battling with tangled cables and noisy petrol leaf blowers? Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace the convenience of the Hyundai 40V Cordless Leaf Blower. Designed to revolutionize your gardening experience, this lightweight and versatile tool will become your go-to solution for maintaining a pristine outdoor space all year round.

Powerful Performance and Versatility

The Hyundai HYB40LI Cordless Leaf Blower is not your average leaf blower. Equipped with a 40V battery charger and a 2.5Ah battery, this remarkable device offers exceptional power and efficiency. But that's not all - its capabilities extend far beyond leaf clearance. From removing snow to tidying up grass trimmings, sawdust, and even unclogging gutters, this multi-purpose blower handles it all with ease. You can even use it for drying vehicles and machinery, making it a truly versatile addition to your garden arsenal.

Lightweight and Manoeuvrable

At just 2.46kg, the Hyundai Cordless Leaf Blower is designed with your comfort in mind. Its lightweight construction allows you to effortlessly navigate your garden and complete your tasks without strain. With the ability to operate the blower single-handedly, you can easily reach tight spots and intricate areas. Bid farewell to bulky and cumbersome tools that leave you exhausted, and say hello to effortless gardening.

Variable Airspeed for Precision

Gone are the days of struggling to control the airflow intensity. The Hyundai Cordless Leaf Blower offers variable airspeed between 162-212km/h (101-132mph), allowing you to adapt to different cleaning scenarios. Need to clear delicate flower borders? No problem. Adjust the blower to the lower speed setting for gentle yet effective cleaning. Dealing with larger areas like patios and lawns? Crank up the power to the maximum setting and watch debris disappear in seconds. With this blower, precision and efficiency go hand in hand.

Embrace Lithium-ion Power

Say goodbye to the limitations of cables and the environmental concerns of petrol-powered tools. The Hyundai Cordless Leaf Blower runs on a cutting-edge 40V lithium-ion battery, offering the perfect combination of power and eco-friendliness. With no petrol or messy fuel mixes to worry about, you can start cleaning your garden immediately without any unnecessary delays. Plus, you'll be doing your part in reducing pollution and promoting a greener planet.

Extended Battery Life and Interchangeability

With an impressive battery life of up to approximately 34 minutes on low speed, this cordless leaf blower allows you to cover significant ground before needing a recharge. And if you require longer runtimes for larger spaces, fear not. The interchangeable battery system means you can easily swap out the depleted battery with a fully charged one, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Complete Peace of Mind

Investing in the Hyundai 40V Cordless Leaf Blower means investing in reliability. We stand by the quality of our products, which is why we offer a 2-year platinum Hyundai warranty for your peace of mind. Additionally, a 1-year commercial warranty is available, with terms and conditions that apply. We are committed to providing you with a tool that meets and exceeds your expectations, making your gardening experience as enjoyable as possible.

Expand Your 40V Collection

The Hyundai 40V range doesn't stop at leaf blowers. We offer a comprehensive selection of garden machinery, including grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, and lithium-ion mowers, all powered by the same 40V battery. By adding additional tools to your collection, you can have multiple batteries charged and ready to go, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and maximum efficiency.

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