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Revolutionize Your Lawn Care Routine with the Hyundai 20" Petrol Zero Turn Lawn Mower: Electric Start, Self-Propelled, and Durable Steel Deck

Revolutionize Your Lawn Care Routine with the Hyundai 20" Petrol Zero Turn Lawn Mower: Electric Start, Self-Propelled, and Durable Steel Deck


Maintaining a well-manicured lawn has never been easier than with the Hyundai HYM510SPEZ Zero-Turn Petrol Lawn Mower. Designed for efficiency and convenience, this powerful mower offers a range of features that make mowing a breeze. With its 360-degree swivelling front wheels, self-propelled system, electric start, and adjustable cutting heights, the HYM510SPEZ ensures a flawless cut every time. Let's explore the key features and benefits that make this lawn mower a top choice for medium to large lawns.

Effortless Manoeuvrability:

The standout feature of the HYM510SPEZ is its zero-turn capability, enabled by the swivelling front wheels. This allows the mower to turn on its own footprint, making it perfect for navigating around obstacles and tackling awkward-shaped lawns with ease. No more struggling with tight corners or curved borders - the HYM510SPEZ glides effortlessly, ensuring no area of grass is left uncut.

Powerful Performance:

Equipped with a robust 196cc Hyundai petrol engine, the HYM510SPEZ delivers reliable cutting power. The engine's 4-stroke design ensures easy starting and low fuel consumption, providing an economical solution for your lawn care needs. The electric start with recoil backup ensures a hassle-free start, eliminating the frustration of manual pulling.

Customized Cutting Experience:

With its 508mm (20") cutting width, the HYM510SPEZ covers a substantial area, making it ideal for medium to large lawns. The mower offers six adjustable cutting heights, ranging from an ultra-low 25mm for a pristine "bowling green" finish to a higher setting for rougher ground. A single height adjusting lever provides effortless control, allowing you to achieve the perfect cut tailored to your lawn's requirements.

Convenience and Efficiency:

The HYM510SPEZ comes with a 70L grass collector bag, reducing the frequency of emptying cuttings and saving you time. The bag features a high airflow plastic top and a level indicator to ensure maximum grass pickup. Additionally, the foldable handles allow for compact storage in your shed or garage, while the two cup holders keep you refreshed during those hot summer mowing sessions.

Safety and Ease of Use:

Hyundai prioritizes your safety with the Operator Presence Control (OPC) technology, ensuring the engine will not run if you let go of the handle. The minimal assembly required, along with the included 600ml engine oil, gets you up and running in no time. Cleaning the mower is a breeze, as you can easily connect your garden hose to swill the bottom of the deck.

The Hyundai HYM510SPEZ Zero-Turn Petrol Lawn Mower combines power, manoeuvrability, and convenience to revolutionize your lawn care routine. With its zero-turn capability, electric start, self-propelled system, and adjustable cutting heights, this mower offers an effortless and precise mowing experience. Say goodbye to manual pushing and uneven cuts - the HYM510SPEZ ensures a flawlessly manicured lawn every time. Invest in this reliable and feature-rich lawn mower to transform the way you maintain your outdoor space.


  • Cutting width: 508mm / 20"
  • Engine: 173cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol
  • Start: Electric start with recoil backup
  • Self-propelled: Yes, with 4 variable speeds
  • Cutting heights: 6 adjustable heights, including an ultra-low 25mm cut
  • Grass collector bag capacity: 70L
  • Foldable handles: Yes

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